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Mothers Day Crafts

Hiya everyone, Mother’s Day is almost here!

This week I have been busy with my nanny children making some Mother’s Day crafts.

With my first nanny family we baked some shortbread cookies and I had the trio decorate a banner saying ‘Happy Mother’s day’. I then got them to pose with it so I could take a picture. Then I went to get the nicest picture developed (organising three children who are five years old and under in a photo is harder than it looks!) I then bought a pretty frame to put the photo inside. Mum loved it and keeps it on her desk in her office.

With my second nanny family (the boys) we bought a decopatch box to decorate with some decopatch tissue paper! The box would be a little jewellery box. We also made some jewellery for her new jewellery box made from air dry clay. See below what items we used and click the links to view more!


boxes.jpgWe also made a heart shaped necklace by using air dry clay. We used a cookie cutter to get the shape and used metallic purple paint too. If your choose to use metallic paint just be aware it can stain clothes so just be careful. You can use any type of paint though. If you see closely I got the boys to put their thumb print in the shape of the heart too, how sweet!

We also decided to make the same as the heart necklace but just make it into a keyring instead!

I hope you have enjoyed all of our Mother’s Day Crafts and that your Mum has a lovely Mother’s Day!

If you didn’t read my previous post about what the children made for mothers day last year for Mother’s Day then take a look here… Candle Making.

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Nanny gift guide

If you have a nanny and struggle for gift ideas then I have a little guide to help you! Nobody says you have to get your nanny a gift for their birthday or for Christmas but if you want to then just take a look below.

Nanny gift guide

  1. Homemade card or gift from your children! Something sentimental is my favourite gift to receive. I love a written card appreciating all my hard work too!
  2. A gift experience voucher. For example, a spa day.
  3. This Christmas just gone one of my nanny families (the one I have been at for two years) got me a locket that was engraved. My mum boss did say she was going to get photos of the boys printed out for me to pop inside but she didn’t know if I would have liked that. YES! Myself for one would LOVE that.
  4. Get to know your nanny – find out what she/he likes. My new nanny family children that I started with in January went undercover asking me questions to get ideas for my birthday! I had no idea. I thought they were just getting to know me. They got me some bath bombs and something for my new house I’m moving into next week! My other family also got me socks for Christmas – I always wear socks with various pictures on – mainly cats and dinosaurs.
  5. Vouchers – if your going for vouchers unless you know you nanny well and know what she likes I would recommend getting an all in one voucher so she has options where to spend it.
  6. Cash – cash is always good – especially if we are saving for something – a new car, house or a holiday etc
  7. Flowers and/or chocolate
  8. I personally love a Funky Pigeon/Moonpig card with pictures of my nanny children on the front! I have kept every card I have ever received from my nanny children. Even children I have looked after over the years in nurseries.
  9. A paid day off – perhaps her birthday!
  10. Personalised gift – such as a photo of the children with a special frame, a coffee/tea mug or a photo book of the children.

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*Just a little note*

This is a collection of ideas from nannies themselves. Some nannies said they don’t expect gifts, just a simple ‘happy birthday’ would do. The majority of nannies said they would prefer a thoughtful gift. This could be something that shows you know them well or something homemade!

If you are a nanny reading this comment below if you have any other suggestions! If you haven’t already go and check out my Parent Gift Guide!

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Birthday presents!

One of my nanny children have just turned 6! How crazy. Two years has gone fast. Too fast. I struggle on what birthday presents to buy for the boys. They have so many toys, so I would rather buy them something they need or something they can make.

Birthday presents

I bought him a couple of gifts. He has recently become quite interested in Science and has  some glow in the dark planets that hang from his bedroom ceiling. So I though this Planetarium Model was a good choice. Basically you have to assemble and paint each individual planet and then attach them on a model that moves around to imitate space movement! Each planet glows in the dark too so it’s a handy little night light. I can’t wait to build it with him! I will another blog later when it is finished so you can see the end result.

The second gift I got him was this gorgeous jumper from Baby Boden – it is so unbelievably soft! What’s better is that he is Scottish and has recently shown an interest in Nessie the Loch Ness monster so that’s an added bonus. You can find it here if you wish to view more.


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Imaginative play: Cooking

My three year old nanny charge loves his trains and cars and often uses imaginative play with those. But although he has pretend food and a play supermarket he just doesn’t play with them. So I thought I would give it another go and change things up a little to encourage him to play with it!

There was a little bit of cardboard that was on top of the recycling pile so I just used that. I used two different sized saucepans and drew around them on top of the cardboard to resemble cooking hobs. Then found a child height chest and popped the cardboard on top.

Time to get cooking!



I provided saucepans, cooking utensils, wooden spoons, cutlery, plates, cups, bowls, pretend food and a little bit of real food.

wp-image-667962957jpg.jpg wp-image-147505097jpg.jpg

My three year old loved it. He started to pretend to cook, dish up food, pour drinks and eat!



If you don’t already own some pretend food you can find it here. This pretend food set is great because it comes with a pretend knife and chopping board so you can cut the food up, how fun!

If you have enjoyed this imaginative play activity why don’t you try my dinosaur ice excavation activity!