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Easter Break: Part Two!

Easter Break Part two!

We have finally finished the first Easter half term week! And breathe… If your a parent or in childcare make sure you try and have a rest over the weekend for the second week.


Thursday was a lovely and sunny day. The perfect day to visit the zoo! We visited Port Lympne Zoo in Hythe. I took the boys and one of the six year olds friends from school. They had a school project to complete over Easter to find out 5 facts about an African animal. My charge decided to pick a Giraffe and his friend picked a Cheetah. If you haven’t visited Port Lympne before, it’s worth it. Half of the zoo includes a safari – land rover trucks drive you around open safari zone. You can spot Giraffes, Rhinos, Ostriches,  Zebras and more. I have visited Port Lympne’s sister zoo before – Howletts – which is on flatter land which makes it easier to walk around.


School project time!

As we were on the safari truck the children got their notepads out and started writing down notes about what facts to use! My nanny charge liked the fact that Giraffes have blue tongues.


After we went on the safari we stopped off at the cafe to grab some lunch. Don’t attempt to try and find the restaurant on the map – it doesn’t serve food any more! Just stick to the cafe by the buggy park, it serves hot and cold food and is right next door to the children’s play area.

We finished up our lunch and finished the walking route and the maze. Well I say we finished, We couldn’t find the dinosaur trail section. By this time it was almost 4pm and I knew the safari trucks would soon to stopping and it was getting late, so we had to call it a day. By the time we made it back up to the top of the zoo and had the kids face paints done and spent what felt like an eternity in the gift shop, we made it back to the car an hour later! Then after dropping off the six year olds friend we made it back home for 6pm. By 7:20pm I had cooked tea, the children had eaten, I had given the boys a bath and got the three year old to sleep. I think I deserve a medal.


Today we visited the trampoline park again with another one of the six year olds friends. We booked two hours this time round because one hour never seems enough for the boys. We had pizza for lunch and ice lollies to cool down. After we finished bouncing we went back home and played out in the garden to enjoy the rest of the sun before we had to take our little friend home.

Friday was a lot more relaxed day. I still got home and was fast asleep by 9pm though…

Enjoy the rest of your Easter Half term!

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Easter break: Part One!

It has been a busy week and we are still only half way through the Easter break! I will be glad when this week is over as I definately need a rest. I am doing long hours this week but I have next week off!

Easter Break part one:

This week so far…

Day one: Monday

The trio – I arrived at 7am ready for my 11.5 hour day which turned into a 12 hour day plus one a&e visit. But before I get into that I will describe the good bits of the day! We had a lazy morning, got ready slowly while deciding what to do with our day. The park was the winner. It was a lovely day and we all had a wonderful time. The sun was out and all the children were in a great mood. We got back home and the trio were tired and grouchy so I gave them snacks and popped them in front of the tv for some down time.

Anyway, a bit later on, the twins came running up to me telling my their little brother had broken the curtains. I was more annoyed they were so happy and excited they thought they were getting their little brother into trouble. I sent all the kids to their rooms. Because yes – he did break something, also because his older sisters were happy about it. I had words with the little one and he understood that he shouldn’t have been swinging on the curtains. I also had words with the twins because they are the big sisters and if they noticed him doing something he is not meant to they should be encouraging him not to so he learns right from wrong.

Within 30 seconds of the twins talk one of them goes downstairs to get onto the kitchen bench and manages to slip and cut her chin open. Great. My first trip to a&e with one of my nanny children! Luckily she was fine and didn’t need stitches. Parents were ok. I got a really nice text from mum in the evening to thank me for everything.

Day two: Tuesday

The trio again! We ventured over the jump in trampolining place in Tonbridge, it was their first visit. At first they were all unsure. I think the safety video scared them. After some reassurance they were all fine and having a blast. We got home and played in the garden for a couple of hours  – they got absolutely filthy. After bath and dinner we watched ‘Tangled’ as a special treat – I had brought it over from my house for them to watch.

Day three: Wednesday 

The boys today! We had a wonderful day. First we visited the library and borrowed some books and went home to play and have some lunch. We went into the garden into the woods that is part of their garden and added some sticks onto their wigwam that is almost finished being built. If your not sure what a wigwam is it’s a little house shaped as a tent made out of sticks.


Later on we went swimming at Larkfield Leisure Centre in Larkfield. They have water slides, a lazy river and a wave machine. For the first time my three year old nanny charge had the confidence to swim on his own (with armbands) today – very proud nanny moment!

Tomorrow we are heading to the zoo and Friday we are heading to trampolining again so I will update again later on!

Happy holidays!

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Go Jumpin Take 2 

Yesterday I thought I would surprise my 5 year old nanny charge after school. I had arranged a playdate for his little friend to come home with us for dinner and then to go to the trampoline place I had previously taken his 3 year old brother to (look through previous blogs to find what happened!)

Obviously he was over the moon to have his little friend come over to play. He loved showing her his bedroom where he has his own salt water fish tank with Clown Fish (Biff and Charlie), crabs, snails and his new Royal Gramma Basslet that still has no name. If anyone has any ideas for a unisex name let me know!

They had a feast consisting of pizza, dough balls and garlic bread and of course dip dip (ketchup). Then we headed off to go trampolining.

As soon as we got there the 3 year old remembered our last visit and starts crying hysterically telling me he wants to stay in the car and he doesn’t want to bounce. So I just told him that we were going in. His brother and his friend will bouce and if he doesn’t want to we can just watch.

So the 5 year old and his friend were off. My 5 year old nanny charge loves to run around. He would rather run around the house than play with his toys. So this was the perfect play for him. He was truely in his element. A massive room which he could run and jump to his hearts content.

However, I sat on the side with his brother just watching at first. Just taking things slowly. Once he was calm enough, I picked him up and stood on one of the trampolines and slowly bounced. He seemed ok and I praised him.

We had a break with some drinks and we shared some chocolate. Then the 3 year old said “Jenni, I want to bounce now” and he was off.

Just proves if you try things again and take things slowly, even if your scared of something, you may just overcome your fears!

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Working alone

I have been thinking recently about how nannying can be a little daunting in case of an emergency. I don’t mean for the child because you should be first aid trained, I mean for yourself.

Many nannies work small children such as babies and toddlers. What happens if you have a fall and injure yourself or become unconcious? Then what?! The children you care could be too small to help you. It’s quite a scary thought, laying unconcious when there’s a small child next to you feeling scared and alone.

Today I decided to take my 3 year old to the park while his brother was at school. We were happily kicking leaves and testing out the climbing frames. Even testing out the gym equipment and assault course for the older children. Of course I supported him throughout and held his hand. I wouldn’t let him put himself in harms way.

However, during the assault course I was holding his hand while he was on the balance beam and as I decided to switch sides so he was more supported, I slipped in the mud and fell. On the way wacking my head on a wooden beam. My 3 year old was fine. He jumped down and pulled me back up. But for the rest of the day I haven’t been feeling too good. What if I couldn’t get back up? We were alone in that park.
When we got back after the school run I decided to sit down with my 5 year old and teach him what to do in an emergency! He now knows to call 999 if I really hurt myself and can’t wake up.

I would strongly reccomend all nannies/parents/guardians if possible to teach their children about what to do in an emergency. It could save your life at the end of the day.

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Haysden Country Park 

My 3 year old charge and I took a stroll in Haysden Country Park in Tonbridge. It was lovely. We first stopped off to feed the ducks and geese. Even a dog came along to steal the bread that was supposed to be for the birds!

We took a walk around the lake and stopped off at the various wooden animals around the lake. We found a dragonfly, a frog and a snake.

There is even a new play area which we popped in before our way home. It’s a lovely place to visit. I used to come here as a child, there are seperate walks and bike routes you can venture down. It’s nice taking my nanny children places my parents took me to as a child 🙂

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Go Jumpin!

This week I thought it would be a nice idea to take the 3 year old to a new trampoline park that has jumped opened in Tonbridge called ‘Go Jumpin’. I have been to the trampoline park in Maidstone with an old nanny child and it was so good. A massive room filled with trampolines, basketball arenas, a foam pit you can jump in and a ledge where you can act like gladiators with foam stick to knock each other down into a pit of foam. Pretty amazing in my opinion. The 3 year old didn’t agree.

So we turn up and first he seemed pretty excited. He was thrilled to put the special grip socks and his wristband on. He was also quite engaged during the safety video too. But once he saw the trampolines he completely freaked out. He has a trampoline at home that he loves so I was confused why he was throwing such a tantrum. First I thought he would calm down and play once we got on them but instead he ran back down to the table with our bags, instead of following him straight away I stayed put as this usually happens. He runs off at a safe distance and if I hold my ground and don’t follow him he would run back to me. Not this time though He ripped off his grip socks and made a run for it all the way back we came to the entrance. I managed to get hold of him just in time he made it outside.

A very nice lady who worked there who probably felt a bit sorry for us gave the 3 year old a free packet of crisps to console him. He scoffed those and once he had finished I decided to try and show him the other children jumping and how fun it really was to bounce. To which he responded by shouting “I don’t want to bounce, I want to go back to the car”.

I tried encouraging him to bounce with him in my arms but that didn’t go down well either. Perhaps I will only take his brother next time…