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Mothers Day Crafts

Hiya everyone, Mother’s Day is almost here!

This week I have been busy with my nanny children making some Mother’s Day crafts.

With my first nanny family we baked some shortbread cookies and I had the trio decorate a banner saying ‘Happy Mother’s day’. I then got them to pose with it so I could take a picture. Then I went to get the nicest picture developed (organising three children who are five years old and under in a photo is harder than it looks!) I then bought a pretty frame to put the photo inside. Mum loved it and keeps it on her desk in her office.

With my second nanny family (the boys) we bought a decopatch box to decorate with some decopatch tissue paper! The box would be a little jewellery box. We also made some jewellery for her new jewellery box made from air dry clay. See below what items we used and click the links to view more!


boxes.jpgWe also made a heart shaped necklace by using air dry clay. We used a cookie cutter to get the shape and used metallic purple paint too. If your choose to use metallic paint just be aware it can stain clothes so just be careful. You can use any type of paint though. If you see closely I got the boys to put their thumb print in the shape of the heart too, how sweet!

We also decided to make the same as the heart necklace but just make it into a keyring instead!

I hope you have enjoyed all of our Mother’s Day Crafts and that your Mum has a lovely Mother’s Day!

If you didn’t read my previous post about what the children made for mothers day last year for Mother’s Day then take a look here… Candle Making.

Activities · Craft Activities · Gifts · Mother's Day · Nannying

Candle Making

Last year I made a photo calendar for the boy’s parents for their Christmas present full of pictures of the boys I had taken throughout the year. While I was looking through the pictures this year to make another one I came across a picture of homemade candles which I made with the boys for mother’s day. So I thought I would share it as it could be a lovely idea for a Christmas gift or another occasion.

The 3 year old and myself took a trip to Hobbycraft (again!) to pick up some wicks, candle scent, crayons and a glass ‘bubble ball candle holder’. We also picked up basic pillar candles that we bought in ASDA for 50p each. You could buy wax in a bag ready to use but I found this way the cheapest. Follow the link below to be directed to the items…

You will need either a glass bowl that you can pop on top of a saucepan (with a little bit of water in) to use as a double boiler. The boys didn’t have one in their house so I used a baked bean tin. I obviously emptied the beans out and cleaned the can thoroughly.

To make the candles we chopped up a basic pillar candle and put some wax in our tin (or glass bowl) with a broken up crayon. You can choose any colour crayon you wish. Let the crayon and wax simmer and melt completely. Once melted you will need to have your candle holder ready with a wick inserted in the middle. Pour a little candle scent in your mixture and stir. Then pour your mixture in your candle holder. Let dry completely, it took around 20-30 minutes for us. Repeat this step until your candle is finished. Just make sure you leave a window open! Your candle should be similar to this…


If you are interested how we made the flower heads on their mothers day card we just used a fork! And then painted the stem.